Dear Readers,

We would like to present to you the next issue of the Bulletin No. 16 (34) 2019 «THE REALITY OF RUSSIAN POLITICS». 

Table of contents 

Tripartite Ankara summit: the geopolitical intrigues that Putin has become embroiled in
Pavel Ustinov & the elite’s internal differences
The power of ‘corporate solidarity’
Growing elite incoherence: Chemezov and Turchak lead the internal ‘opposition’
Dissent among loyalists and the contradictory position of the church
Kremlin signals that there is no thaw, only ‘technical corrections’
Who failed over Oleg Smolenkov?
Possible impact on US-Russia relations
Domestic policy consequences
Regional vote fallout: looking ahead to the State Duma elections
Competition for ideas: electoral reform & United Russia’s future
The systemic opposition is playing a double game
Municipal elections: into the political breach
In Brief
(i) Failure of Minsk talks on Ukraine
(ii) Too much money
(iii) Zero net public debt
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The next bulletin will be issued on October 8, 2019

Writing and analysis: Tatiana Stanovaya

Editing: Emily Ferris, Howard Amos





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